'Grits & Grants Workshops'

Get your grants, Here's your key!

'Get Your Grants'

Grants & Down Payment Assistance exist to help eliminate the hurdle of up front savings for home purchase.  Last year I assisted single parents, nurses, factory workers and others, just like you, connect to over $592,115 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance for home ownership. 

Register to attend a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop'.  I will share how you too, could take advantage of up to $60,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance, which have allowed for home purchase in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and elsewhere in Virginia, with as little as $1,000.   




 '2K18' Grits & Grants Club

Simply put, if you want something different, start doing things differently.  If you're truly tired of paying rent, take action to no longer pay rent! 

Join our 100% free, primarily online club designed to assist you to achieve your goal of home ownership by sharing free, but valuable information including credit repair, establishing savings, Grants & Down Payment Assistance, and other related topics.




'EmPOWER Friends & Family'

Empower friends, family and loved by introducing them to how taking advantage of Grants & Down Payment Assistance have allowed for home purchase with as little as $1,000.   

Schedule a 100% free "Grits & Grants Workshop' for your church, PTA or Civic Group.  Plus, I will bring all the workshop materials!  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.  Share the joy of home ownership with those you know!




'620, Get There, Stay There'

After 20 years in this crazy business I understand how difficult it can be to get and keep your credit score high enough to qualify for a mortgage. Truth be told, most folks make the same common mistakes over and over. 

Invest a few minutes reviewing what to do, and what not to do.  It's only after understanding that if you want something different you must do things differently.  That , or continue to pay your Landlords' mortgage.  I'm just say'n !







'Powered by prayer, Nurtured through blessings'