'Grits & Grants Workshops'

Get your grants, Here's your key!

'Get Your Grants'

Grants & Down Payment Assistance exist to help eliminate the hurdle of up front savings for home purchase.  So far this year I've assisted single parents, nurses, factory workers and others, just like you, connect to over $592,115 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance for home ownership. 

Register to attend a 100% free 'Grits & Grants Workshop'.  I will share how you too, could take advantage of up to $60,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance, which have allowed for home purchase in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and elsewhere in Virginia, with as little as $1,000.   




'EmPOWER Friends & Family'

Empower friends, family and loved by introducing them to how taking advantage of Grants & Down Payment Assistance have allowed for home purchase with as little as $1,000.   

Schedule a 100% free "Grits & Grants Workshop' for your church, PTA or Civic Group.  Plus, I will bring all the workshop materials!  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.  Share the joy of home ownership with those you know!




'620, Get There, Stay There'

After 20 years in this crazy business I understand how difficult it can be to get and keep your credit score high enough to qualify for a mortgage. Truth be told, most folks make the same common mistakes over and over. 

Invest a few minutes reviewing what to do, and what not to do.  It's only after understanding that if you want something different you must do things differently.  That , or continue to pay your Landlords' mortgage.  I'm just say'n !





Let's be honest, your score is your score it doesn't matter if your score is 480, 520 or even 600.   What does matter is knowing what steps you should take to reach, and keep your score at or above the magic number of 620.


You're invited to attend one of the 'Grits & Grants Workshops', where you can speak to lenders as they share information helping you remedy your negative credit, or enhance the credit score you already have. All workshops are 100% free.  Let's start planning to fire your Landlord! 



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